The Rock Campus Church | Our Staff
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Our Staff

Pastors & Staff

John Drage

John founded the church in 2001. He does most of the preaching, leads FLG, and is pastor over long-term vision and direction.

Garrett Naufel

Garrett co-pastors with John. He preaches and is our pastor to the staff and volunteers.

Kirstin Schulz

Kirstin oversees our women’s ministry and helps direct the redemption ministry and community groups.

Karis Laudel

Karis is leading a community group and helps run our women’s ministry and redemption ministry.

Elizabeth Clark

Elizabeth is leading our city community group and runs our marketing and communications department.

Mike Heath

Mike is leading one of our community groups and takes care of our churches finances.

Amy Drage

Amy disciples women at the church and organizes events.

Kyle Ultican 

Kyle leads a community group and helps lead our coffee ministry.

Zane Clark

Zane is on associate staff. He is the co-director of The Missions Team and one of our Sunday producers.


Paul McCaughey

Paul is on associate staff. He helps coach our Community Groups.