The Rock Campus Church | Community Groups
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Community Groups

Community groups  are the core of life at the Rock. These 15-30 person small groups meet all around campus for Thursday-night Bible studies and throughout the week – living life alongside one another. Check out the Facebook page of the group that meets in your area!

Great if you live in: College Ave or Hatch

Leaders: Bekah Bell, Lucy Kunz, and Matt Swing


Great if you live in: Gateway, Wolpers or Johnston

Leader: Rachel Lock and Kyle Ultican


Great if you live in: Hudson

Leaders: Taylor Burnett and Karis Laudel


Great if you live in: Brooks, New Dorm, North, South, or Mark Twain

Leaders: Stone Chen, Danny Harre, and Mallory Schoeppach


Great if you live in: Defoe-GrahamDogwood, Galena, or Hawthorn

Leaders: Callie Bassett and Maddie Douglass


Great if you live in: Gillett

Leaders: Mike Heath and Kristin Hemken


Great if you: graduated, are in grad school, or married

Leaders: Elizabeth Clark and Andrew Schulz